Project & Construction Management

Our experienced teams keep your project moving forward toward successful start-up and operations. It takes keen oversight and an eye for detail to keep large-scale projects on track and on budget. Wotas’s team of project & construction management professionals fits the bill. We can provide project & construction management services for an entire project or we can tailor our services for a specific portion of a project.

Project management

icon Wotas project management teams focus on client priorities, making sure business objectives are met in the most safe, cost-effective and timely manner. Our objective is to bring projects in on time and within budget. Towards that end, Wotas teams utilise the expertise of many different people to ensure the ultimate quality and integrity of the project.
Our project management professionals combine detailed technical knowledge of project activities, such as contract administration, risk management and cost estimating, with a broad awareness of industry and business drivers. And we believe in minimising risks; we utilise a tailored and integrated set of tested project management processes and systems, which provides a solid basis for consistent and rigorous project delivery.

Construction management

icon We carefully select construction management teams according to the project scope and provide them with the necessary project tools and documentation to ensure success. We involve our construction management teams at every stage of the job, from project definition through pre-commissioning and startup. In-house construction management procedures ensure the continuity and consistency of our services. Our construction management teams confer with the engineering design team, client representatives, fabricators and installation contractors, providing constructability input from front-end engineering through detailed design to ensure deliverables are constructable in the field and ready for operations. We engage our clients every step of the way. Formal project-specific constructability procedures provide the framework for conceptual and detailed design reviews from start to completion. Wotas also assists in the implementation of construction execution plans based on the completed design package, and perform activities required to solicit bids, select the contractors, construct the facility and commission the facility for start-up.

Project & construction management services

  • Preliminary contracting & project management plan
  • Change & risk management
  • Cost estimating & value engineering
  • Scheduling
  • Quality assurance & integrity management
  • Document control
  • Project progress reporting procedures
  • HSE activity coordination & site safety management
  • Construction management
  • Mechanical completion & hook-up management
  • Commissioning supervision