Operations & Maintenance

Wotas provides scalable, integrated operations & maintenance (“O&M”) resources and services during a facility’s lifecycle in virtually any location around the world, including established oil & gas fields or newly developed remote areas.

We offer a wide range of global O&M services, including complete turnkey operations models. For optimal flexibility, we offer integrated O&M solutions to fit your individual requirements. We work with you to develop a commercial model to accomplish your business goals.

Achieving short-term requirements while maintaining long-term vision

We develop solutions for all kinds of O&M contracts. Whether a customer is planning for a change, wants to maintain the status quo, or tries to preserve what is already there, each decision requires both short-term and long-term solutions. Wotas achieves the short-term, immediate goals while maintaining the long-term vision for reliability—ensuring the facility or system is ready for future missions. Our expertise in best management practices gives our customer an engineering-based approach to O&M, especially in the following areas:

  • Maintenance engineering
  • Recurring work programs
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Sustainable design

Our proven proactive approach emphasises more time on scheduled O&M—creating less of a need to respond to unplanned system failures. By supporting the concept of a sustainable design, we reduce maintenance costs—a win-win for our customers and for us—because our efficient solutions reflect work executed while improving the long-term reliability of their facilities and infrastructure.