The Analysis & Reporting Challenges in any Organisation are:

  • Business users are spending material amounts of time identifying data sources, gathering, cleaning and formatting data
  • Different definitions of terms, measures and calculations used through out the organization
  • Multiple locations and distributing mechanisms for analyses and reports
  • Different versions of the truth across the organization
  • Duplicate sources for the same information and lack of transparency on its origination and ownership

Whether you are new to data warehousing and business intelligence (BI) or you have an existing data warehouse, Wotas will assist you to deliver the best possible data warehouse and BI performance, regardless of the growing data volumes, changing business conditions and evolving business objectives.

Wotas have developed a highly specialised methodology to deliver rapidly evolved data warehousing and Analytics solutions.
We pride our service that our solutions are designed for low Total Cost of Ownership and we have adopted the agile approach to development.

Wotas is the sole distributor of WhereScape RED in Africa. Using WhereScape RED, we can build high-value, easily maintainable data warehouses and marts in days to weeks, not months to years, and bringing short and long term economic value to your organisation.