image If you are moving offices, upsizing, downsizing or re-sizing then Wotas will make things a whole lot easier by taking away all of your paperwork first. Scanning old or archive paper-work is time-consuming and messy. It's not difficult with the right tools and the right equipment but for those organisations who haven't got the time, the space or the people and want a problem solved quickly, then outsourcing to us is a great choice.

image At Wotas we appreciate that the management of documents is of utmost importance and a necessity for every business that is why we are there to lessen the burden and to ensure that those important documents are safely scanned. The administration and management of the business ceases to be a daunting task when we take over the scanning job.

Wotas has gained its reputation in providing scanning for businesses both on-site as well as offsite. Our team of professionals are experts in the capturing of vital data. Apart from our experience in capturing data, we also offer document conversion services and a highly recognised unique service designed to meet your company’s need which will improve the quality, efficiency, reliability of your business making it easier to manage and successfully archive important documents.