About Us

WOTAS is a privately-owned consultancy firm offering the highest quality of information technology services, procurement services, building, mechanical and electrical design, environmental, engineering and project management services.

Based in Nigeria and London, we have over 25 years of industry knowledge and experience on projects ranging from small to multi-million dollar projects.

image What makes us unique is our breadth of expertise and personalised service, specific to our clients’ needs. Our practical, hands-on approach is based on a solid foundation of experience gained over the years.

Wotas success means attracting and retaining highly skilled professionals who provide meaningful economic value to our clients while upholding the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity.

Our professional colleagues are our most valuable asset and we are committed to their welfare, safety and success within the company and the community.

image The strong background of our Chief Executive Officer Samuel Amatotsero a qualified Mechanical Engineer and a Business Intelligence Specialist is the driving force to our human capital development and a significant benefit to our clients and customers.
Samuel earned a degree in Computer Science from the University of Greenwich, London after graduating as a Mechanical Engineer from Nigeria. He also earned a Master Degree in Distributed Computing Systems from the University of Greenwich, London.
Over the past 25 years, Samuel has gained knowledge across various industries including the Oil & Gas, Transport, Government, Retail, financial and the Hedge Fund Sector.
With his vast skills, knowledge and experience, he is able to effectively manage each Divisional General Manager. He is responsible for the overall company strategies, direction, business development, contracts and quality assurance.

Samuel sits as chairman and member of board of directors of the following companies:

  • Chairman – Debmo limited, London, UK
  • Director – Wotas UK Ltd, London, UK
  • Chief Executive Officer – Wotas Nig Ltd, Warri, Nigeria.

He is also a member of the King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in London. United Kingdom.